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Troublesome Treasure Drop Distractions
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This Treasure Drop event will test the ability of a Tdrop player by having the pirate multitask while playing pure turbo treasure drop.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience For all treasure drop fans on Sage Elapsed time Less than a day, if all 32 spots are filled, event is expected to take about an hour
Unit of Entry First come first serve, open to all on Sage Participant Time If a pirate makes it to the finals they will have participated for about an hour. If a pirate is eliminated in the first round, they will have participated for about 5-10 minutes.
Expected Participation The first 32 duos to register will get to participate. Judging Time The judge will take less than 5 minutes after each match up to tally points and announce the winner.
Platform Sage Ocean


Event Description

A week before the event, contestants are welcomed to sign up for the event on the forums. Only the first 32 applicants will be will be invited to Princessj’s Villa where they are welcome to lounge and chat before they are called into a room for a match. If a person is not online ten minutes prior to the start of the event, that pirate’s registration is deemed void and the next pirate in line will be invited. All players will be randomly seeded on an excel sheet that will be linked from the forum thread. Every match up will be a game of treasure drop, 30 seconds per turn, no holes and standard point structure. Only the judge is allowed to watch the game, anyone who enters the game room while the game is being played will be planked and disqualified from the tournament. During the tdrop game, the judge will also ask ten random questions on any subject. The first player to answer the question correctly will get an extra 30 points added to his final treasure drop score. The match is over when the Tdrop game is over, meaning any unanswered or unasked questions will not be considered.


A pirate’s total score will be the points gained from answering questions added to the total points gained in the treasure drop game. The judge will quickly add up the scores for each player and the pirate with the higher total score wins the match up.


First place: Standard renamed sloop. Second place: A trinket. Third place: PoE prize.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Having extra judges will reduce the tournament time significantly but is not necessary. Most likely I will have 2 or 3 people from my crew helping out.

OM Assistance

Help with prizes would be nice. I was hoping to be able to give ribbon trinkets.

Workshop Coaching

A better and more fair registration process is needed. Maybe some testing of the points system to see what is a good number of points to award each correct answer.


Previous Similar Events

None to the best of my knowledge


I've helped out with crew-only events including: Riddle Hide and seek, PvP tournaments, and sloop races. I am often involved in the planning of other people’s event and I worked in real life for many different kind of community programs, such as Girl Scouts, to plan and run events for kids. I have the support of my crew, The Lost Lot and flag, Go With The Flow should I need more prizes or judges.