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A note - "qualifications" is yours to run the event, not the people to participate.


I'm sorry. Although I always love events like this, I do not see that this event is at all original, by your own admission. This contest is intended to bring something original about, that's not been done before, even if it's a modification. Can you think of any modifications you can make to make this more unique?
Also, although OM's will potentially help supply some prizes, we're supposed to come up with something on our own. Do you have the ability, through your own funding or through fundraising and donation gathering, to gather at least some prizes? For example, OM's often do ship renames, but I believe you have to have the ships themselves already, and they simply rename them. I've also never seen them give out 3 familiars for one event. You might consider having the 3 top contestants (top bilger, top carper, and top sailor) somehow compete in a different contest in order to determine which of the 3 will win the Grand Prize (be it a familiar or something else). In such case, I would suggest some other type of prize for the other 2 qualifiers there. This competition between the three might be where you bring in a new unique idea.--Muroni 07:37, 8 February 2006 (PST)