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Puzzle Familiar Tournament
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A contest for best general puzzler in ocean

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Piracy Puzzlers Elapsed time 1 day
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time 45 mins per round
Expected Participation enough to fill 2 - 3 Grand frigate's full stations Judging Time 1 - 2 hours after contest
Platform Cobalt Ocean


Event Description

the idea is to have mates good at puzzling on a number of grand frigates depending on the number of mates that show up. As soon as one grand frigate is full, another one starts loading. Since it's based on first come first serve basis, mates that board a grand frigate that comes last and end up less than number of stations available will not take part of the event. A chest is dropped on Dragon's Nest and all loaded grand frigates enter the board. Puzzlers will be asked to puzzle for 45 minutes, until round is over. Every break, judges should note all the names and ranking (1 minute may not be enough; therefore screenshots would help the judges). After round 1, judges accumulate the number of points scored by each puzzler in each break. Point system depends on rank on the duty report in Relation to other puzzlers. (Top place in sails gets 30 points while last place gets only 1). The number of stations for a puzzle on a grand frigate is then divided by the number of grand frigates that entered the blockade board (contest); the result is the number mates can participate in puzzle showdown. Same idea is done for round 2, points are accumulated at end to determine first place winner of each puzzle.


Judges record points based on rank of puzzlers in relation to others on duty reports every break. Winners proceed to final showdown Grand Frigate. Same judging happens, top 5 puzzlers are declared with their rank.


1st place winners;

Bilging: Octo 
Carpentry: Monkey
Sailing: Parrot

2nd place: Outfit of choice, gold/black only as secondary colors + Trinket.

3rd - 5th: Trinket + Black rags

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

2 judges for any of the 3 puzzles on each Grand frigate.

OM Assistance

Broadcasting, providing vessels and starting blockade. As well as providing the prizes.

Workshop Coaching

Need to figure out the number of Grand frigates that will be needed as well as the number of contesters per grand frigate that move on to showdown.


Previous Similar Events

Puzzle Bake-Offs, very similar.


Any Puzzler.