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I have some of Azarbad's quotes (if I were more wiki-saavy, I'd put them in directly, but I'll just put them here for now):

On engagement: The roar of flames! The clatter of steel! Azarbad the Great is upon you! Azarbad the Great says, "An auspicious day! You will be allowed to witness the glory of Azarbad before your fire goes out!"

On grapple: Azarbad the Great says, "Flame of Might - show your mettle! For glory! For Azarbad!"

On knocking out Azarbad: Azarbad the Great says, "It - it is an illusion, Azarbad cannot be defeated! Redouble your efforts or you will answer to me!"

On losing: Azarbad the Great says, "You belong to Azarbad! Behold your destruction and despair! Your riches are now mine by right"

And, if it helps, he was on a Dhow. While one data point does not a line make, there is a possibility that Azarbad shows up only on the new ships. This is purely speculation, however. - Lexinen 20:50, 25 May 2007 (PDT)

Azarbad's trinkets

New trinket found, have no idea how to upload the image so here's a link to a screenie of the new trinkets: [1]

In Midnight Ocean, Azarbad's flotilla is now located several league points Southwest of Eclipse Island.