Sloops in the Shadows

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Sloops in the Shadows (SITS) is an ocean-wide event that was created by Rhapzody and hosted by her crew, Ocean's Shadow, in January 2010 as a means of celebrating the crew's first birthday and giving something back to the Midnight Ocean. The event was so well received that planning began for future SITS events. It was decided that this event would take place bi-annually. Once in the winter and the other in the summer. However, with the merging of the Ocean's Shadow Crew to the Imperial Golden Dragons Crew, Rhapzody took over as sole host for this event and decided to return the event back to an annual event with the option of hosting a 2nd event when possible.

Event Discription

SITS is an overall tourney-style based event where a series of tourneys are hosted with the winners of each series (or round) advancing to the next round. Usually 3-4 rounds, with the final round being the winners of the previous rounds. 10 or more sloops and other various size ships are given away as prizes along with other various items.

Event Guidelines

Overall Guidelines:

1-If you are one of the lucky top 2 winners of a tourney in 'round' 1 who get to advance to the 2nd round, please be generous and don't enter any of the other "tourneys" in "round" 1 or use alts. This event is meant to be fun for everyone... not just for 2 or 3. To enter another tourney as an alt or as yourself after I have asked you to please refrain from doing so would be unsportsmanlike and would dampen the spirit of this event. Please don't do it.

2-The only other thing that I ask is that everyone have fun and giggle and be happy and to enjoy all the free stuff that was worked so hard for to give away to you all.

3-Eat lots of cookies!!! =)

  • These guidelines may be added to depending on each type of event.

The First Sloops in the Shadows Event

The first Sloops in the Shadows event was held on January 9, 2010. SITS I

Subsequent SITS Events

The next SITS event will be held August 27, 2010. SITS II-Summer 2010