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Contributed in-game art by Skyelanis

Skyelanis is a pirate on the Cerulean Ocean.


Skye as she likes to be called landed on the Midnight Ocean on November 25, 2006. She quickly joined Dixyland Skallywags of the flag Seraph's Nightmare and progressed up to the rank of Senior Officer. Later the crew merged into Thicker Than Blood where she worked her way back up to Fleet Officer. In 2008 she became titled in Seraph's Nightmare when she took the job of Assistant Treasurer, a position she held until her departure in September of 2008.

On September 16 2008 Skye left her first home in Seraph's Nightmare to join her hearties over in The Phoenix Warriors. Since then she has been moved back up to the rank of Fleet Officer and has become somewhat well known for her habit of licking anything and everything.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Assisted as a test renderer for the 2009 Design Easter Eggs for the Game Event
  • April of 2008 Earned first Ultimate Trophy in Sailing
  • Assisted as a test renderer for the 2008 Design Easter Eggs for the Game Event

In-game art