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Shortybaby started her pirate life on the Sage Ocean. She then decided to try a different ocean after about 9 months. Shortybaby decided on the Viridian Ocean.

Starting on Virdian, Shortybaby joined the crew Hellas. About a year of being a pirate on Viridian, Shortybaby left Hellas to see what else the ocean has to offer.

Shortybaby then joined the crew Thieves In The Night. She became good friends with Captain Meltisa. She met a lot of nice people in this crew. Shortybaby had so much fun in the crew with pillages and crew events. Not long after joining the crew, Shortybaby decided to make her own crew.

Becoming captain of the crew Black Rose Angels and queen of the Irish Brigade was the best thing ever. She later changed the name of the flag to Rum and Shortcakes after taking a vacation.

Flag positions: Lady of Chaos's Destiny, queen of Argent Dawn, queen of Irish Brigade, lady of Irish Brigade, queen of Rum and Shortcakes and princess of Rum and Shortcakes.


Shortybaby has the eye patch. She received it from sinking in a blockade. The ship sunk and a piece hit her in the eye. Then months later she lost her hand. Again, sinking on a ship she lost her hand to a shark. She now has a hook in place of her hand. Shortybaby was helping a good mate on Atlantis and the ship sunk. When Shortybaby got to shore she noticed a starfish stuck to her face.

Stalls and shoppes

Stalls owned

Shortybaby has run stalls since she moved to Virdian. She has owned a few shoppes and managed a few too. Even though they were very successful she just likes being a captain. She will be running only one stall for now.