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Sekai is a pirate on the Sage Ocean, and can often be found pillaging or playing poker on random tables.

Piratey life

Cmeks more commonly referred to as Sekai in the piratey world has been a silent pirate. She started out in a crew in which she rose the ranks to the esteemed fleet officer. However she soon left this original crew to join Midnite Devils where she unfortunately caused some trouble and got expelled from the crew. At this point, she quit Puzzle Pirates for several months.

When she came back to the game, she was conned by another pirate telling her he could make her rich. When she found out he was lying, this made her quit again for a few more months.

In her third attempt at the game, she joined the crew Thieves of Mercy in which she rose fast through the ranks due to her previous gameplay experience and earlier successes. She soon became a fleet officer and is still playing now.