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Included here are some Scene Editor basics which should help you with any problems you encounter with the editor as well as make you aware of the tools you'll be using most.

Object Layer vs. Base Layer

  • The Base Layer is composed of all the ground tiles, use this to create the shape and textures on your island. Almost all base tiles can be walked on. Exceptions include Water, Lava and Fissures.
  • The Object Layer contains objects that are used to populate the island, such as plants and buildings. Objects are obstructions, no matter what the size, and cannot be walked on.

Mouse Controls

  • Left Clicking places a tile of the selected type.
  • Left Clicking and Dragging places a block of tiles (only available in the Base Layer).
  • Right Clicking removes an object of the current Layer.
  • Right Clicking and dragging removes a block of tiles of the current Layer.
  • Middle Clicking brings up the rendering options menu. (Be patient, this sometimes takes a few moments.)
  • Wheel Scrolling scrolls through the different instances of the selected tile type.

Menu Items

  • Update Mini View - Will update the mini view in the lower left corner. This is useful if you've made a lot of changes and want to update the entire view at once. Make your window smaller (skinnier) if you are getting black spots as it renders.
  • Display Commodity Object Counts - Gives a list of how many commodities you have placed. Herbs and minerals will only be counted if set to the right type and color.
  • Save Overview Map - Saves a rendering of your island in the install directory (C: -> Program Files -> Three Rings Design -> Yohoho Tools -> Snapshot.png) or just do a search for Yohoho. If the screenshot doesn't take, try again or make your island smaller!
  • Make Default Base Tile - Changes what the "empty" space renders as; keep it on water for your islands! When you first start using the Editor, you will need to change it to water from black. You can do this by selecting "Seawater" from the Beach tiles and then clicking "Make default base tile."
  • Rendering Options - Also accessible by middle clicking on an object from the Object Layer.
  • Change the Rendering priority - Sets an object to render in front of or behind other objects on the same tile. Conflicting objects are boxed in yellow. Use this very sparingly.
  • Change Colors - Changes the colors of recolorable objects such as herbs, minerals and some buildings. Remember that herbs and minerals must be the right type as well as color. Save this for last on slow machines as it affects render time.


A complete list of what objects correspond to what commodities.

Basic Commodities

Hemp IDG-Hemp.png Bush (hemp)
Iron IDG-Iron.png Rocks (iron)
Stone IDG-Stone.png Rocks (granite)
SugarcaneIDG-Sugarcane.png Bush (sugarcane)
Wood IDG-Wood.png Tree (oak)


Name Image Object Color
Chalcocite IDG-Chalcocite.png Mineral (large) grey
Cubanite IDG-Cubanite.png Mineral (small) yellow
Leushite IDG-Leushite.png Mineral (large) brown
Lorandite IDG-Lorandite.png Mineral (large) red
Masuyite IDG-Masuyite.png Mineral (small) orange
Papagoite IDG-Papagoite.png Mineral (large) blue
Serandite IDG-Serandite.png Mineral (small) pink
Sincosite IDG-Sincosite.png Mineral (small) green
Tellurium IDG-Tellurium.png Mineral (large) white
Thorianite IDG-Thorianite.png Mineral (large) black


Name Image Object Color
Broom Flower IDG-Broom.png Bush (herb 2) pink
Butterfly Weed IDG-Butterfly.png Bush (herb 3) orange
Cowslip IDG-Cowslip.png Bush (herb 3) aqua
Elderberries IDG-Elderberries.png Bush (herb 2) blue
Indigo IDG-Indigo.png Bush (herb 2) navy
Iris Root IDG-Iris.png Bush (herb 1) grey
Lily of the Valley IDG-Lilyofthevalley.png Bush (herb 3) lime
Lobelia IDG-Lobelia.png Bush (herb 2) violet
Madder IDG-Madder.png Bush (herb 1) red
Nettle IDG-Nettle.png Bush (herb 3) green
Old Man’s Beard IDG-Oldmansbeard.png Bush (herb 1) brown
Pokeweed Berries IDG-Pokeweed.png Bush (herb 2) purple
Sassafras IDG-Sassafras.png Bush (herb 1) black
Weld IDG-Weld.png Bush (herb 2) yellow
Yarrow IDG-Yarrow.png Bush (herb 1) white

Saving your work

Check that you have the following:

  • Give your work a name! There is a text box at the top for this.
  • Set up the main arrow, or main entrance for your island (use the yellow arrow button). This needs to be pointing out to sea and named "port".
  • Give the file a .XML extension, as it does not add one automatically.

A few last nuances to be aware of

  • Docks and Jetties will need a layer of water around them for the edges to display properly.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not use anything in the Fringe section of the Object Layer. These are usually automatically added by the editor.
  • When you try to load a file, sometimes it will not appear where it should be; simply exit that directory and reenter and it should then show up.
  • Sometimes it will not take a picture, try it again as it can be a bit stubborn. If you continue to have problems, your island is probably too big! An island will need to be less than 500x424 pixels on your overview image in order to fit into the game.

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