Scarlet Masquerade

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Scarlet Masquerade at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Psyyche of Ship of Fools
Member crew(s) Ship of Fools, Evil League of Evil
Founded 13 January, 2008
dormant as of 24 February, 2012
Flags-Scarlet Masquerade.jpg

Scarlet Masquerade, a dormant flag on the Cobalt Ocean, was founded on January 13, 2008.


Scarlet Masquerade was formed in early 2008, when the last active crew, Ship of Fools, in the mostly-dormant flag Don't Tread On Me, decided that change was needed to breathe some new life into the game for the mates that were still active.

Scarlet Masquerade won the Last Dhow Standing event held by Dark Asylum at Raven's Roost on August 10, 2008, and was awarded governorship of Raven's Roost as the first place prize. The island transfer was completed on August 21, 2008, and Psyyche became governor.

After a couple of successful defenses in previous months, Scarlet Masquerade chose not to defend their island on November 7, 2009, and allowed Faded Legend to take Raven's Roost in an uncontested blockade.

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