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Navy Rank
Chief Petty Officer

Saulfrank was the captain of the crew Aqua Mordor, and a prince of the flag Hook. He sailed on the Sage Ocean.


Saulfrank first came on Sage in June 2007, after his friends recommended it. He started out as an officer in Captindread's crew, Flames of glory, becoming a fleet officer after helping his crew. Not long after this Captindread sold the crew.

Saulfrank moved into his first house, a cabin, with his friend Tobacco. He soon realised that Captindread had made a new crew, Blades of Glory. He joined the crew and spent his savings on being promoted to a senior officer. Unfortunately, Saulfrank and Captindread had an argument, and Saulfrank left as a result. Whilst in this crew he had amassed quite a bit of cash and decided to leave his beloved cabin. He then bought his own bungalow. He formed his crew, Aqua Mordor, and moved into a row house when he had an unexpected windfall in mid-August.

After the crew being a huge sucess, he sold it to Piza for 80,000 PoE and joined the Drunken Drunks as a senior officer. This is where he first came into conflict with Army Of Darkness. After days of vile arguing, he finally persuaded the crew to move away from Army Of Darkness and join Outcasts. After 2 days of being in this crew, he decided he wanted to be a captain again, and reformed Aqua Mordor. He would sell this crew two more times before settling down with it and then Selling again

Saulfrank was a recent victim of the Cammii scammii and lost all his cash ( over 400k) luckly his friends chipped in and bought him a pokey little row house, not that hes ungrateful or anything its just that its rather ugly and needs painting and its rubbish for parties. He is once divorced and increadbly dipressed,m

After the emergency sale of his crew, Saulfrank Crew hopped before Joining Pizas Crew, mooligh as SO, 1ST mate and Prince, he hope to make this crew a huge sucess