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Sanddollar was once a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. Her character has since gone dormant, or has been deleted.


Sanddollar first discovered the fun game of Puzzle Pirates on, around early January of 2007. Puzzle Pirates was in the top 10 favorite games, and she was curious to know about the game. Sanddollar began to explore the virtual world.

First, when she was only a greenie, she joined the crew Dominance where she was ranked cabin person. Then when she had a little more experience with the game, she left the crew, and went searching the ocean for another one to join. She pillaged with Spirit of the Lord. After seeing how nice the crew was, and everyone in it, she decided to join, where she was automatically ranked officer. Lkg, captain of Spirit of the Lord, then spoke to her about her stats and decided she would now be a fleet officer. She happily went on to be ranked as a senior officer.

Sanddollar had many hearties. She mostly engaged in conversations with Grannybasher, Xxcheerio, Jessiexo, Balthiers, Rebelema, Izadelema, Beachbummer, Gerron, Kokox, and Rebeltwelve.