Sailing For St. Jude

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  • Note: I have been given specific permission to post this here from Clotho, due to the forums being down.


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Sailing for St. Jude: Give It All Edition!

Donate here on May 7th!.
  • Who: YOU!
  • When: Saturday, May 7th from 3AM to 1AM Gametime
  • What: A 22-Hour Puzzling Marathon (1 hour for each game)
  • Why: I want to raise $10,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
  • Where: Twitch and Tiltify, and here's the donation link.


  • The Isle of Kent Inn, complete with all furnishings and storables.
  • A 1/1 Unique Wine/Banana Hatted Monkey (With more great familiars TBA!)
  • A deluxe Tailor Shoppe On Admiral Island with furnishings and clothes included
  • Over 20M PoE

For each $20 you donate, you are entered to win all of the above prizes, with more to be announced! Giveaways will be broadcasted the following day.

Donation Incentives

  • Each Giveaway Entry = $20.00
  • Instant In-Game Prize = $50.00
  • 10M Giveaway Entry = $100.00
  • Commemorative Portrait = $200.00
  • Handwritten Official YPP Postcard = $300.00
  • Official Y!PP Playing cards = $500.00
  • Rare Blue Official Y!PP Playing cards = $750.00
  • Jazz Ocean Master Doll (16 inch life-sized doll, handcrafted) = $1,000.00
  • Official YPP Playing Cards = $1,000.00
  • Nemo Hand-Signed Official Y!PP Art Print = $2000.00

All prizes will be randomly drawn and selected on Sunday, May 8th in a livestream.

Event Schedule

Hour 1 - Drinking: Morning Cup

The best part of waking up is ________________ in your cup??? Top donor in the first hour of the marathon will choose what drink I have delivered to the house. Nothing sugary or alcoholic, please! Examples: Coffee, Tea, Juice, Smoothie

Hour 2 - Treasure Drop: Jazz vs. Chat

Twitch Chat will decide which lane to drop when it's the other pirate's turn. I will give 100K to someone in chat every time you win!

Hour 3 - Gunning: Dollar Boards

Will you commit to donating $1 for every completed gunning board in this hour? Don't worry, I'm just half-decent at loading cannons :-)

Hour 4 - Swordfighting: Celebrity Matches

You never know who is going to show up and show out!

Hour 5 - Distilling: Frustration Station

Watch me lose my cool! Distilling always tilts me. Wait... why does the guy's voice sound different??

Hour 6 - Blacksmithing: Let's Make a Record

The Records page doesn't say anything about the "Fastest Masterpiece" in blacksmithing. Why don't we just try and set the bar for other people to try and beat?

Hour 7 - Navigating: Sea Sick Edition

Have you ever wondered what navigating while the wheel was actively spinning would be like? Wonder no more! I'll take the headache - you should probably just look away. Donate to increase or decrease speed!

Hour 8 - Treasure Haul: Trasure Haul

For this hour, every word I say that has an E in it, I will donate $5 to St. Jude! Please be here to catch me when I'm unaware!

Hour 9 - Shipwrightery: Dog's Eye Edition

I wonder how tough it would be to Shipwright without being able to see any of the colors??? Only one way to find out!

Hour 10 - Sailing: Double Eyepatches

The instant-classic activity in a Sailing for St. Jude marathon - Sailing while someone else tells me what to do while I'm blindfolded! Gosh, a whole hour to rest my eyes - what a relief!

Hour 11 - Carpentry: How Doers Get More Done

Jazz will put on his construction uniform and get to work! We are using only the best quality wood from our very unofficial partner, Home Depot! Can you listen to their theme song for an hour?

Hour 12 - Bilging: Glub Glub Glub

For every $100 donation this hour, I will pour water over my head! BRB ordering a kiddie pool from amazon. xD

Hour 13 - Rigging: Shantyman Sing-A-Long


Hour 14 - Patching: Patching

Just Patching. God, I hate this puzzle.

Hour 15 - Poker: #1 Trophy Incoming

Let's all in every hand for an hour on a 20-200 poker table and see what happens, for old time's sake! I need a brain break anyways...

Hour 16 - Hearts: On Headset

I'm ready for high stakes hearts games - but if you want to play, you'll need to be mic'ed up and in the Discord Chat!

Hour 17 - Spades: Blind Nil Bonanza

I need the best Spades player on the planet to be my partner, because I want to win... but I also will always Blind Nil.

Hour 18 - Battle Navigation: Cade for a Cure

Let's make a deal - If you sink, you give it up for the kids! Join us in a custom lobby on Global Cade Sim

Hour 19 - Rumble: Zombified

I'm obviously zombie-level exhausted. So let's listen to some Zombie-themed tunes and fight Zombies on Admiral Docks!

Hour 20 - Alchemistry: She Blinded Me With Science

What if you could only see a small portion of the Alchemy board, and had to scroll around to look at the whole board? Let's find out! (Goggles and Thomas Dolby are just a bonus.)

Hour 21 - Weaving: Wakey Wakey Karaoke

Granny Jazz is falling asleep - come and keep her company while she creates a scarf and watches game show TV!

Hour 22 - Foraging: Final Countdown!

I've got an hour of staying awake-themed themed tunes to sing to you!