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Royal Pirates (Emerald)

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(Redirected from Royal Pirates (Sage))
Royal Pirates at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain None (formerly Gasalt)
Senior Officer(s) Dredic
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Rank's Privilege
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 24 March, 2009
Last updated on 27 July, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info

Royal Pirates is a crew on the Emerald Ocean. It was originally founded on the Sage Ocean. It is currently an inactive crew. It is captained by Gasalt, the alt of Gas. The crew are currently ranked as Scoundrels of Aspiring fame.

Public Statement

Welcome to Royal Pirates.

Promotion Requirements

Cabin Person
  • Just ask any officer
  • Punishment for theft & messing up
  • Be familiar with game basics
  • Punishment for theft & messing up
Fleet Officer
Senior Officer
  • Achieved Fleet Officer rank
  • Help new crew members and officers
  • Own at least 1 deed to a ship
  • Total trust from Captain


Alts: If you are making an alt joining the crew and you have nice stats but you're alt have only ables, the alt won't be promoted to the rank the main should supposely get. To make the alt get the rank the main shall get, the alt should at least have expected requirements for the rank below the expected rank.

Example: Main is Senior Officer & Alt must have requirements for Fleet Officer in Royal Pirates

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