Royal Angels FWF Stars

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Royal Angels FWF Stars at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Wattana (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Annabelroyal, Captinjake-East, Fachana, Fonticha, Judacal, Mrmouse, Phanes (Active), Pptr, Queens, Sinhgar, Swapper, Trungv, Xxseashellxx (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Royal Angels FWF Stars
Founded 27 March, 2007
Last updated on 2 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Royal Angels FWF Stars is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. It flies the flag of the same name.


The crew "Royal Angels FWF Stars" and flag was founded by the pirates Fachana, Wattana, Fonticha on March 27, 2006 on the former Hunter Ocean.

Royal Angels FWF Stars started out at March 27 2007 and Royal Angels FWF Stars Flag was created on the April 22 2007.

The highest rank reached in crew fame list was No. 1

The highest flag fame reached rank No. 1

FWF is currently not recruiting any crews into the flag

~ Royal Angels FWF Stars is a neutral flag. They don't take sides ~


Puzzle Pirates is a game. A game only serves one main purpose; for people to have fun. We play this game for fun. Why shouldn't we let people join our crew to be officers and let them sail their ship? Without a high rank, a pirate can't do anything. Where's the fun in that? Everyone should be able to sail their ship even with lack of experience. Soon we will gain more and more experience as time passes by. Crews with high rank in the crew fame will come and go. Soon a new generation will take over us. If we won't let people be officers, how can there be a next generation?

FWF don't accept wars. The main reason why is because... imagine.. pretend you are a greenie officer who had just bought his ship for a first time. You would be excited and happy, but if there's war? If this greenie officer just started b-naving, no doubt he'll get his ship sunk. He would be unhappy, because all the effort and time he'd put onto saving it, it could be gone, just like that. Where's the fun in that?

The people are real jerks if they do something like that. It's just like real life too. Nothing good can come out of war. If you have a grudge against someone, war doesn't help. In fact, it's stupid, because you're using other people to fight your war with you, people who shouldn't even be involved.

Royal Angels FWF Stars are people who want peace and fun for pirate to enjoy. And they plan on keeping it that way


  1. How did FWF get a huge amount of crew members??
    - Other crews do NOT merge with FWF. Usually, when the crew merges with you, they won't stay long. Captains who have done this should know. It's a scam.
  2. They have so many greenie officers; that's why the greenie officers dockpress a lot.
    - FWF knows that dockpressing is wrong. That's why whenever a greenie officer dockpress, we tell them to stop immediately or be expelled.
  3. Why do they rank greenies high? Like officers, they don't have the faintest idea of how to run the pillage
    - So what? Haven't you noticed, or remember what it was like when you was a greenie? Lol, you had fun! If you never bnaved when you had no experience, you would had never came this far, and be something at bnav. Each time you gain more and more experience.
  4. FWF is a greenie crew. They have so much greenie officers and FOs.
    - Ok, say you wanted to make a elite crew. Great! But what will become of the greenies? You wouldn't accept them. Imagine a greenie finally has a sloop and a badge... how can they bnav when they're only cabin?
  5. FWF is a greenie crew!
    - Lol, we've been number crew fame and top 10 in flag for over a year. Even if FWF is a greenie CREW, the captains aren't. All the other crew who reached number couldn't last a month.


  1. All Senior Officers are not allowed to demote or expel crew members without FWF's permission. If you do you will be expel
  2. You need to ask for PTB (Permission to Board) before boarding a ship
  3. If you sail FWF ship, you are allowed to sail between Aimuari to Pukru or Aimuari to Quetzal ONLY unless it is your own ship
  4. Read the officer's bulletin board at the helm before starting a pillage
  5. Make sure you stock the ship well before starting a pillage but you are allowed to sell the stock and withdraw the money from the coffer when you have finished. However if you are officer you will have to find a FO or higher to do it for you
  6. Do not abandon a ship
  7. Do not steal
  8. Do not gun without permission, or navigate or battle navigate
  9. Do not leave in battles
  10. Do not advertise for another crew on the crew chat
  11. If you are not the officer in charge of the ship, do not take over or do anything without their permission

Thank you - FWF


If you are wondering what FWF stands for, well, it stands for...

F = Fachana W = Wattana F = Fonticha

(Best Friends, FWF) That means we are equal.