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Rogue Cat
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Roguerunner first appeared on the Hunter Ocean in late May or 2006 after his hiatus from Puzzle Pirates due to his lack of success in running the crew, French Rogues, on the Sage Ocean.


He was a part of many crews before creating his own, the French Rogues. Starting with a core of Roguerunner and his real life acquaintances, Bigbobm and Kaptiankool, French Rogues was a magnet for pirates as late at night they flocked to his first ship, a war brig, the Wrong Sawfish. This is where he recruited and this is where the crew grew from aspiring, to renowned. As soon as Roguerunner logged on one day and saw that his crew was established, he created the flag French Warriors within seconds. The French Warriors went up and down, at one point having five crews, and then being reduced to two crews. The French Warriors entered war with the Glub Glub Patrol. A short time after that, Roguerunner left the flag to focus on the crew more and joined the newly formed flag, Varsity. Roguerunner became more involved in the flag than he thought he would, becoming titled in August. Then, on October 8th, Roguerunner merged the French Rogues into -Epic- and became senior officer in the highest famed crew in the Hunter Ocean. When Varsity collapsed in October, Roguerunner left immediately and joined Faeviolet and her crew Fae's Wrath. He then aquired the title or lord in Fae's Rebellion and maintained it up until he left Soulscape's flag Betrayal and I.


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