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Faeviolet is a pirate who sailed the Hunter Ocean.



Faeviolet (Fae) is a well accomplished captain and queen. Her crew as of December 28th, 2006 was ranked 12th. Her flag as of December 28th, 2006 is ranked 6th. Her crew was made in late October and her flag made only four days later. On February 3rd with the help of Gunnermooch she changed the flag name to Havoc. On July 2007 Fae's Wrath merged with Neptune's Fury, they had gotten to be the #1 crew sailing the Hunter Ocean shortly before thier downfall. The cause is mainly due to a ban to Faeviolet and most of the crew going dormant, Sheeri followed Fae's orders and merged the crew. Faeviolet was and still is a legendary captain.

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