Midnight Marooners

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Midnight Marooners at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Seanapenn of Mezkay's white wolve's
Member crew(s) FUBAR, lolly lickers, Mezkay's white wolve's, Minjukay's White Wolves, Outraged Dragons, PUNKS, Seana's Lost Pirates
Founded 6 May, 2006
Dormant as of 31 January, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Midnight Marooners is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean that was founded in the year 2006 on May 6th.

At some stage after July 2009 the flag was disbanded, but was refounded on the 27th of October, 2009.

Public statement

A flag of family and friends. "Dolphine Shouts "Barnacle on haul. we're okish" on atlanty run

Extended public statement

We may have lost the dates but the history will never be lost between us and our friends. If we were allied please feel free to send us a request to reallie. I will be sending out requests to all the flags i can remember. If i miss someone just let me know. We're here to have fun and make friends. We goof off and have a good time but when it comes pilly time we're always serious about making poe. We've been on this ocean a long time and to all our friends we love ya.

Flag articles

  • Respect all flag members and allies, help out if they call. If a pilly is offered take it.
  • PVP: If asked, disengage. Do NOT attack them if they ask you not to. Respect them and all other players in regards to PVP. There are plenty out there that enjoy it.
  • Surely, it's just a GAME!!! Have fun, earn poe, live the life of a real pirate!

Flag shoppes and stalls

  • Seanapenn's Distilling stall on Xi
  • Masta's ironmonger stall on Epilson
  • Seanapenn's Apothecary on Xi
  • Eaglewolf's Iron Monger on Spring
  • Cremora's Furnishing stall on Xi
  • Cremora's Iron Monger on XI
  • Wolfhearts Weaving stall on Spring
  • Ashbud's Weaving Stall on Spring
  • Wolfheart's Ship Building Stall on Spring
  • Ashbud's Apothecary stall on Spring
  • Yehthatsme's Iron Monger stall on Spring

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