Release 2017-10-19

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Back in Black

From the Release Notes:
  • Updating the Black Box to Series VI. New prizes include a skeletal parrot familiar, two new furniture items (Vampire Basin and Large Smuggler Crate), as well as a black Patchy Fox.
  • Setting up a Halloween Team Competition that will begin tomorrow afternoon (Oct. 20th).
  • Allowing the "Blockades" tab of the Notice Board to be accessed even when not on an island.
  • Added an in-game Doubloon History link on the doubloons panel for the Steam client, since these players don't have access to Billing website login credentials.
  • Adding a "Shift+Escape" key combination that can be used to instantly close the client without triggering the logout process. This is sometimes useful when needing the restart the client without leaving an active voyage.
  • Performance fix for CPU usage in the Steam client.
  • Increasing the maximum number of free accounts that can be created by a player.
  • In chat, "nh" will no longer auto-replace to "nice hand".
  • Experimental update to allow shoppe inventory data to be exported to a text file in JSON format by double-clicking the "Inventory" tab in the client. If tools are created to parse and manage this sort of exported data, the functionality can be expanded to other areas of the game in the future.
  • Displaying faction icons next to job applicant notices in the Dark Seas client.