Release 2016-01-21

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Sort It Out

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for February.
  • The "Clothing" and "Trinkets" section of the booty will now remember their previous collapsed/expanded state and default to that after logging in.
  • A new checkbox has been added when editing trophy boxes on your trophy page. By checking "Hide these trophies", the box will default to a collapsed state when anyone views your trophy collection.
    • The trophy box can still be viewed by anyone who clicks the "Show" link.
    • If a pirate has more than 1 trophy box that is hidden, a "Show All" link will appear at the bottom of their trophy page.
  • Adding a warning message on login for players who have an excessive number of items in their inventory.
  • Adding grey back into the Gold Box as a possible color for trinkets, furniture, and clothing.