Release 2015-10-22

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Ocean Wide

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for November.
  • Gallery Exhibits for the entire ocean will now be available in the "Events" tab of the Notice Board.
  • Adding three new trinket dolls to the Trading Post that require Ghastly Trinkets.
  • Guestbook messages can now contain HTML entities (such as ♥) and some additional types of characters, such as less-than and greater-than signs.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixing a bug that would sometimes leave a puzzle icon over a pirate's head after leaving a vessel.
    • Increasing the size of the Guestbook panel to accommodate the larger font size in Options.
    • Fixing an Internal Error when deleting the only message on the last page of a guestbook.
    • Sounds for the Patching puzzle will now be muted if "Game sound effects" are disabled in Options.