Release 2013-10-21

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Ghosts of Hedgehogs Past

From the Release Notes:
  • Added seasonal content.
  • Added Ghost hedgehogs to the possible pets found in Haunted Seas treasure chests.
  • Added persimmon as a possible color from the Gold Box.
  • Changed ordering of items available from the Trading Post.
  • Removed subscription requirement for wearing Vampire raiment.
  • Added Valkyrie Statue recipe and Hellenic Statue furniture to the trading post.
  • Added the Viking Bed and Valkyrie Statue to furnishers.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed potential bug when entering a graveyard while a fray is taking place.
    • Fixed colors for Skelly throne furniture.
    • Stolen imperial plans and Plunder bag trinkets will now show up correctly when held in portraits.
    • Made pirates face the same direction in the "Haunted Night" portrait background.
    • Fixed cuff of Vampire raiment when worn in portraits.