Release 2013-08-06

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This and That

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding content for August and September
  • Added two furniture items for construction at furnishers: Fancy Bookcase and Small Cannonball Stack
  • Added two furniture items to the trading post: Emperor Bust and Smuggler Wine Crates
  • Minor adjustments to some tutorial text
  • Improving the station pathfinding for NPPs on the Alice sloop
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix potential error when exporting more than 100 Steam trophies at a time
    • Updating the deed in a player's inventory immediately after a building upgrade/downgrade
    • Allow desktop furniture to be placed on top of short lumber stacks
    • Minor fix to the outlines for many of the items that can be held in a portrait, as well as outlines used for male hands
    • Removing invalid mission text when switching session from the Tablet client