Release 2012-04-30

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The Eyes Have It

From the Release Notes:
  • Added four new pairs of eyes and three new mouth images to the list of options when taking a portrait.
  • Updated the behavior of wandering pets, so that they will wander more, instead of always mobbing pirates.
  • Allowing skeleton, zombie, and werewolf trinkets to be turned in at the trading post for a 3 drink curse potion.
  • Adding a button in the trading post that will fetch as many trinkets as possible, until the remaining cost is 0.
  • Brigand Kings who are scuttled will no longer blockade an island that had a BK blockade the previous week.
  • Allowing wager-banned players to see the monster fray missions.
  • Updated the gold box promotion to turn on at 10 AM Pirate Time, rather than midnight, and to last for 10 days rather than 14. On the 10th day, gold boxes will turn off at 3 PM Pirate Time.
  • The amount of eights that pirates can wager will now be based on their puzzle experience. This applies to parlor games as well as direct challenges. If you're rated "Solid" or higher, there is no wager limit. Otherwise, the max wager limit is as follows:
    • Novice: 100
    • Neophyte: 250
    • Apprentice: 500
    • Narrow: 1000
    • Broad: 5000
  • For drinking and treasure drop (where experience takes much longer to raise) the experience requirements for the wagers are dropped down a level. In other words, a "Novice" can wager 250, and someone rated "Broad" will have no wager limit.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a Brigand King flotilla to blockade an island it wasn't near, under very rare circumstances.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the proposing of Brigand Kings as governor.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a laborer to not show up as active in the Shoppe's "Staff" tab, even though they actually were.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented certain figureheads from being placed on the Frost class sloop.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the bluebeard potion to be consumed while under the effect of a cursed chalice.
    • Fixed dragon familiar image on the pirate page.