Release 2008-10-14

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Monster Mishmash

From the Release Notes:
  • Playing poker at high-buyin tables now requires some poker experience
  • Pirates ordered to navigate may change a ship's course.
  • Brigand Kings holding islands display their power on the blockade board.
  • While in a safe zone, vessels no longer generate special maneuver tokens (double-move, etc)
  • Navy vessels no longer appear on radar or display a might ring, since they cannot be attacked.
  • Hearties' names are now underlined when shown with just their face as well as with their full pirate.
  • When all 4 cannons are filled in the gunning mission, the cannons are fired to allow them to be filled without leaving the puzzle.
  • Atlantis treasure awarding now better takes into account how long pirates were in Atlantis.
  • Vessel Speed indicator now indicates speed as a percentage of the maximum speed of the vessel.
  • Layout change to the palace shoppe's top area.
  • Increased time before users are auto-logged-out after idling.
  • Autumn Leaves will be reappearing for the fall.
  • New limited edition portraits: Bootlegpatch's Night of the Living Pumpkins, Ickessler's Skellies, Merethif's Fruit Manor, and Nordenx's Dragoon Kin.
  • Bring back Halloween portraits: Ye Dread Dead, Jack O Lantern, Nordenx's Skull Island.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed layout problems with Notice Board news page.
    • Fixed problems with the whisk to home/houses button on news page.
    • Fixed bug where a brigand king taking over an outpost could cancel already-finished orders in a shoppe on the outpost.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes sent errors to chat while in foraging practice mode reminding them (repeatedly) that they cannot get commodities.
    • Fixed bug with intro mission navy payouts.
    • Fixed bug in drinking where inaccurate final scores were sometimes reported.
    • Fixed bug where users whose chat circle has disappeared while on board a vessel didn't go back to vessel chat mode automatically.
    • Fixed sound bug in Java 6 on Macs.