Release 2007-12-12

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A Frigid Wind Blows

From the Release Notes:
  • A new Brigand King arrives from the frigid north: Brynhild Skullsplitter
  • New enamel colors available for manufacture and use in mugs and furniture. Swords can NOT use these new colors.
  • Seasonal items available in the palace shoppe: Candy canes, Santa hats.
  • Seasonal furniture now available for manufacture by furnishers: Festive fir, Holiday wreath, Frosty fir.
    • Bows & ornaments can now be custom colored this year.
  • Revamped notice board:
    • New Pirate News page
    • Events & Island Events consolidated into a single tab
  • Returning seasonal portrait background: Under the Mistletoe
  • New limited edition portrait background: Nordenx's Longships
  • Disable memorization of league points during greeter pillages and swabbie ship transport.
  • Disable foraging on during greeter pillages and swabbie ship transport.
  • Make Brigand Kings follow regular sea lanes when looking for nearby islands to blockade.
  • Brigand Kings now manage shops and palaces they own.
  • Allow on-duty greeters to toggle greeter chat with the '/gmute' command.
  • When vessel deeds change hand, they now record the new deed-holder to the vessel logs.
  • Warn shop owners who set their wages above their charged labor rates.
  • Make league points more visible so they can be seen below the selected course.
  • Make portrait previews less grainy.
  • Add a chat tab to puzzles in addition to having chat in the location-specific tab (e.g. while puzzling on a vessel)
  • Vessels now remember islands they've been within a league of, and return to there if abandoned, rather than their original port.
  • Display a summary of winnings at the end of a pillage.
  • In distilling, allow players to continue a CC12 for as long as they can maintain the perfect streak.
  • New menu option in the Yohoho Tools Scene Editor to output a full-scale rendering of a scene.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix internal maintenance task that would sometimes lag the ocean.
    • Fix issues with scene changes (exhibited many symptoms: repeated access denied messages while trying to board ships, winding up in strange scenes, etc.)
    • Fix issues with sounds causing lag for some people while puzzling.
    • Fix graphical glitches with the bet panel in poker in higher resolution windows.
    • Fix carpentry station count on merchant galleons.
    • Fix for issues with duty puzzles failing to restart.