Release 2007-09-19

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Of Bugs and Monsters

From the Release Notes:
  • Gift badges are now available - you can purchase these at the palace shoppe and trade them until they are unwrapped. While wrapped, they do not provide any privileges.
  • Condense treasure haul results (eights and chests hauled) onto duty report.
  • Condense treasure chest contents onto Ahoy panel rather than through chat messages.
  • At breaks in blockades/flotillas/sea monsters, divide half the eights treasure hauled since the last break amongst the pirates aboard.
  • Dragoons aboard a ship leaving Atlantis will wait around and assault that ship if it returns. The longer a ship waits before returning, the fewer Dragoons will have the patience to wait to assault it.
  • Minor rearrangement of Dragoon battle panel.
  • Show exactly how many days are left before Sea Monster Maps dust.
  • Orders to players will now show in an Ahoy panel to prevent their getting lost in chat.
  • On Mac OS, correctly handle quit events and Command-Q by logging out.
  • No longer announce to vessel chat when treasure haulers leave their station.
  • Replaced sound for Citadel rising.
  • Dragoons will now appear slightly less frequently.
  • Fix bug where players were unable to watch dragoon frays.
  • Fix bug where treasure haul ahoy would disappear over time.
  • Fix bug with some shipwrecks remaining on battle board after having been completely hauled.
  • Fix bug where players without a bravery badge could chart to a sea monster spot, then get stuck off the boat. They can no longer chart to the location.
  • Fix bug where multiple Atlantis score panels would sometimes appear on the Vessel tab.
  • Fix bug where the Island tab would sometimes show in place on Shoppe or House.
  • Fix bug where some players were sometimes added twice to a battle against the Atlantean Citadel.
  • Fix bug where Dragoons would sometimes follow the ship outside of Atlantis.