Release 2007-09-05

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The Exorcism of Bellator

From the Release Notes:
  • Fix problems causing ghost and disconnected dragoons on ships and related dragoon bugs.
  • Fix bug with players who have left vessels still being pulled into dragoon frays.
  • Un-blackout remaining atlantean art (sword fighting background, sea monster ship wrecks)
  • Give bravery badge unique artwork.
  • Only allow purchase of one bravery badge at a time.
  • Show blockade job offers for 0 eights and allow people onboard for said offer.
  • Don't let dragoons challenge people who are in an active fray.
  • Allow treasure chests to contain clothes in non-starter colors.
  • Increase the chances of better treasure chests.
  • Increase the value of shipwrecks left behind by defeated sea monsters.
  • Fix bug with pillaging tutorial art.