Release 2007-06-14

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Treasures from the East

From the Release Notes:
  • New Limited Edition Pet: White Elephants
  • New Furniture: Exotic Carpet, Exotic Canopy Bed, Drum, Striped Pillow, Patterned Pillow, Pile of Pillows, Large Pile of Pillows.
  • New Trinkets in the Palace Shoppe: Exotic Card, Exotic Coffee, Bangled Bracelet
  • New Clothing: Veil (for lasses), Curled Boots (for lads)
  • Increase bounty and treasure haul pay in flotillas.
  • Some flotillas are now non-sinking; sinking flotillas pay out higher bounties than non-sinking ones
    • Admiral Finius, Azarbad the Great, Gretchen Goldfang, and Vargas the Mad have non-sinking flotillas
    • Barnabas the Pale and The Widow Queen have sinking flotillas
  • New Voyage Types:
    • Flotilla Attack: Show your intentions to attack a flotilla, reduce spawns while en route with good duty navigation (like trade voyages)
    • Swabbie Ship Transport: For a fee, swabbies will transport your empty ship safely from one island to another
  • New Limited Edition Portrait Background: Aryet's Stone Urns with Flowers
  • Retire Valentine's Day portrait backgrounds
  • Pirates now pin their hair up under wigs and diving helms so it doesn't poke out in an unsightly manner
  • Bug fixes:
    • Disallow ships on greeter pillages entering flotillas
    • Never rate the boarding sword fight/rumbles at sea, even if each side has only one player
    • Fix booch blocking governors from adjusting the time of Brigand King blockades
    • Fix problem with entering names for sending tells under Java 1.6
    • Ensure Brigand King blockades are declared at least a week in advance