Release 2006-12-14

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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Bugfix

From the Release Notes:
  • New furniture - Potted tropical plants, and fireplaces are now available for manufacture
  • New items in the palace shoppe - Ye can now buy candy canes as well as santa hats (in both classic red, or fancy colors) in the palace shop
  • New items to be held in portraits - Ye can now show off yer fruitcakes, wrapped presents, and candy canes
  • New limited edition portrait background - Nordenx's Pipe Organ
  • Returning winter portrait background - Under the Mistletoe
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed problems where client would get confused and mix languages
    • Clearly indicate foreign-language oceans when choosing oceans
    • Fixed various German translations and art
    • Recovered missing sail bonus messages
    • Removed boochy ratings code from blockades - Ratings will drop again, as that change was broken and needs a lot more testing
    • Turned off #1 trophies on Opal - stats are still too volatile to award these, and existing ones have been removed