Release 2006-10-19

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From the Release Notes:
  • Bugfixes:
    • Crew/flag portraits work properly now - unfortunately this fix loses the currently set ones, so if you were one of the lucky bunch it worked for, you'll have to configure it again.
    • Getting traded a portrait while on the free portrait mission no longer booches the mission.
    • Dormant cabin people are no longer shown on the crew page.
    • Flag creation works again.
    • Construction sites show properly on info pages.
    • Notification of petitions works again.
    • Pages are no longer booched for non-existent flags/crews.
    • Max hearties really raised to 150 this time.
    • Fix for blockade pay issues/never-ending blockades.
    • Added link to galleries even if you don't have a personal portrait.
    • Show founded dates for flagless crews.
    • Portrait captions no longer default to "null".