Release 2006-06-20

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Summer Fashions

From the Release Notes:
  • A large number of new clothing items, available at the Tailor.
  • Rearranged battle-navigation controls to be more consistent between in-puzzle and navigating-only modes.
  • Referring a friend will now net you a pieces of eight reward.
  • New limited-edition portrait - Usil2's Dusk Sky.
  • New harpsichord furniture.
  • Sounds in rumble when your teammate or opponent is eliminated.
  • Increased max number of hearties to 100.
  • Reclaiming furniture can now reclaim items with others' items on top of them. Those items are returned to their owners.
  • Minor blows in rumble (aka: Sprinkles) will not be applied while your board is shaking.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed barbarian skill assignment bug.
    • Fixed carpentry duty puzzle out-of-sync problem. (where duty reports didn't match your real performance)
    • Fixed bug where furniture vanished from a scene without being removed (as shown in the building logs). This furniture should return to the owner's booty the next time that scene is updated by arranging other furniture.
    • Fixed problem where commodities were not properly removed from abandoned ships.
    • Fixed missing private table message.
    • Fixed problem where refer-a-friend didn't properly place referred players in the referring officer's crew.
    • Fixed bug with rumble shaft patterns sometimes not wrapping properly.
    • Fixed problems that could occur when a pirate was moved while in a parlor game.