Release 2004-08-02

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Get Down, and get funky. (v1.77)

From the Release Notes:

This release marks the release of our own home-brew launcher and patch distribution system. This means that we'll hopefully see less problems during game installations and updates. The installer is smaller and designed to avoid the many issues we've seen over the years with our previous updater, and existing installations will be automatically converted.

  • New game launcher and patching system.
  • Ahoy panels can pop up inside puzzles. Clicking on a button that brings up an in-game web page does not work, but they are still very useful.
  • The shoppe's subtotal and the sales tax are displayed when getting a quote.
  • Shop owners and managers do not need to put any money in escrow when ordering from themselves- they pay only the sales tax.
  • Vessel jobs are now posted ocean-wide and appropriate ones are displayed on each notice board. This will mean that there will be plenty of jobs listed on islands in newly-colonized archipelagos.
  • Final blockade scores are left on the notice board for 3 days.
  • Ocean Masters may now post events directly to the notice board and let anyone instantly whisk out to the event location.
  • Trial users now get 7 non-consecutive days to play the game instead of 10 "sessions".
  • Turbans, male frilly shirts, and female plain shirts all can now have a second color.
  • When doing a crafting puzzle, if your labor is downgraded or discarded due to the shop's lack of funds, a better message is reported.
  • Added a new tournament pot distribution: cascading arithmetically, which pays out at a higher rate to the lower places.
  • The ordering of trading outlets is randomized in the trading interface.
  • The price adjustment panel for shoppe managers is now tabbed.
  • Old PVP battle stats are now purged.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • When a stall is opened the initial transfer of commodities is added to the vessel's log.
    • Bidding is prevented at inactive forts.
    • Fixed another bug with bid tickets sometimes not updating their description after delivering.
    • Fixed skellies to stop appearing on disconnected islands.
    • Other small things that nobody will notice.