Release 2004-05-05

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More fixes (v1.66)

From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed battle stats, they should start updating again after today.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sea battle ratings to not get updated.
  • Fixed "target has escaped" messages when leaving a battle.
  • Fixed a booch that affected puzzles and duty reports after unpausing.
  • People in stalls show up in /who.
  • Rum is now consumed in blockades, as was the intent all along.
  • Only subscribers count towards vessel influence in blockades. This was to prevent people from loading up vessels with greenies and abusing the poor lads.
  • Officer bulletin boards on ships can now only be viewed by pirates in the same crew.
  • Fixed some bugs with building upgrades.
  • Brigands shouldn't get placed on rocks anymore.
  • Island map changed slightly to make it easier to use for people who like to click directly on the shops.
  • The usual assortment of behind-the-scenes goodness.