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Indifference at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch Penguinbr of All for One
Member crew(s) Aeon Phoenix, All for One, Dancing with the Wolves, Deep Blue, Dreaded Pirate Society, Fallen Treasure, Free Swimming Lessons, giant brancos, Locked and Loaded, Minion's, No Quarter, The Old Days, The Order of Good Cheer, Pride of The Fallen, Sir Simmons, Viviamo
Island controlled

Ansel Island

Founded 12 March, 2013
Allies Coming Soon, Dragon Lords, Malicious Intent, Moonshine, Sink or Swim
Wars None
Last updated on 12 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Indifference (formerly Re-Arranged) is a flag on the Meridian Ocean. It is a flag which accepts many with open arms into their drama-free family. As a team, success is guaranteed through dedication, and hard work. All members in this flag will have a happy, and enjoyable time, with active flag officer chat, regular events, and pillages, plenty of Sea Monster Hunts, and guaranteed excitement. So come join this flag, and together, as one, they will revive the Meridian Ocean and bring back the full intended purpose of Puzzle Pirates, which is to strive to have fun and enjoy each others company.


As a flag, through hard work and dedication of all members and crews, they became the #1 flag on June 18, 2013 and reaching almost 800 members, holding the rank through the summer months. Crews that join this flag have a history of becoming the #1 crew as well due to a high rate of support from fellow flag members.

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