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Ravager was a pirate on the Sage Ocean



Ravager met Kneiss before he started his pirate career. They both grew through the ranks together as greenies and became very good friends. Soon, Ravager and Kneiss knew the puzzles inside out, and when the time was right, they made Poseidon's Tricorne. As they both founded the crew, they switched captaincy every two months, and so their crew grew.

When the League of Light was founded, Ravager permanently became a senior officer, as Kneiss was the monarch of the flag. He remained, however, as a Prince of the flag for the first six months of the flag's existence.

The love of his pirate life was Spoonio and at their wedding two children suddenly appeared - Spoonager and Ravagio.

He announced his retirement on November 8th 2006 and had a huge going away bash on the 11th culminating with Ravager planking people from the least close to him to the closest to him. The last few people to be planked were Lupus, Kneiss, Liue, and Pirata.

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