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Raggedandy has been playing on the Viridian/Meridian Ocean since November of 2005. He is currently an officer in Winter is Coming.


Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Memorized the entire Viridian Ocean in 2007

Clarification of the name

For the record, it's "Ragged Andy", not "Ragge Dandy", which apparently can be interpreted as slang for "Jamaican pimp". He is not a Jamaican pimp; please do not call him one. Only one person is allowed to call him "Jamaican pimp", and that's only because she's a sweetheart.


Pirateplay-wise, Raggedandy is a classicist; he much prefers pillaging to poker and blockades to flotillas and Atlantis. He is competent at all shipboard stations save bilging and gunnery (note to dev staff -- by the time he achieves Sublime/Able gunnery, he expects there to be a nifty trophy). He is the jack-of-all-trades, fundamental bedrock of the working crew, and without him and other people like him, all you rockstar battlenavers would be NOTHING.

Although he's never served in the military in Real Life, he strives for near-military standards in conduct, respect, loyalty, honor and service. He appreciates & rewards the same in others.

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