Quid Pro Clothes

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Quid Pro Clothes
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Spring Island (Emerald Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Bushyness, Fuzzybeard
Erected April 2005

Quid Pro Clothes is a tailor shoppe located on Spring Island, in the Emerald Archipelago of the Cerulean Ocean. It has been operated by Bushyness and Fuzzybeard since it opened in April 2005; before that time, Bushyness and Fuzzybeard did business out of Bushyness's Tailoring Stall. Bushyness became the official owner of Quid Pro Clothes on Christmas Day, 2005.

Leveraging the Web

Quid Pro Clothes distinguishes itself within the industry by augmenting the in-game shopping experience with a comprehensive web site that provides more ways to browse the shoppe's rack and obtain other information about the various programs that Quid Pro Clothes offers. The web site is a case study in leveraging web technologies to increase competitive potential in homogeneous product industries where options for product differentiation are limited. Quid Pro Clothes demonstrates that by providing customers with options for enhancing their shopping experience, using the World Wide Web as a medium, businesses can influence competitive dynamics even in an economic context where most conventional venues for competition (such as quality of manufacturing) are unavailable.

The Personal Design Studio

The Personal Design Studio makes outfit design easy.

Quid Pro Clothes hosts the exclusive Personal Design Studio, a tool for mixing and matching apparel into outfit designs, visualizing how those designs look on a pirate, and sharing designs so that other pirates can view them and try them on. Freely available to pirates on all production oceans, the Personal Design Studio fulfills a unique need experienced by many a clothes-shopping pirate: that of being able to see how they will look in a particular set of apparel before they place an order, even if they cannot find a rack that has the items for them to try on.

The Personal Design Studio has allowed pirates to share exciting and creative fashion designs, try out different crew colors and uniforms, maintain "wish lists" of outfits they will someday buy, and explore exotic and expensive outfits that perhaps they will never be able to experience otherwise.

Adopt-a-Rack Investment Program

Quid Pro Clothes is the only organization to offer a structured and well-defined investment opportunity for pirates. The Adopt-a-Rack investment program is a mutual fund used to manufacture new items for the Quid Pro Clothes rack. Shareholders then receive dividends on the sales of items manufactured from the fund. With its unparalleled bookkeeping, robust rack management, and automatic e-mail reports, Quid Pro Clothes is able to offer a reliable, trustworthy investment program that is unique to the Puzzle Pirates environment.

Consignment Program

Quid Pro Clothes offers a consignment selling program that introduces an unprecedented level of organization to the process of marketing secondhand apparel items. Consignment selling means that pirates can use the Quid Pro Clothes rack to sell their secondhand items, but receive payment for their items only once they sell. This zero-risk approach to secondhand trading allows pirates to benefit from the use of a high-traffic tailor shoppe rack to get their items sold more quickly than by any other available venue. Quid Pro Clothes also maximizes exposure of secondhand items for sale through a special Bargain Basement listing on its web site.

Apparel Storage and Rental

Before the introduction of wardrobes and fancy wardrobes that allow pirates to store their own clothes, Quid Pro Clothes offered the use of its rack for the storage of valuable apparel items to avoid decay. This program is still offered, primary in conjunction with the expanding Quid Pro Clothes apparel rental program.

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Quid Pro Clothes official web site including enhanced rack browsing and searching, the Personal Design Studio, FAQs about various programs, and more.