Queen of Tarts

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For the crew Fire and Rain on the Viridian Ocean, see Fire and Rain.
Queen of Tarts at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Rialenth
Senior Officer(s) Omgitsjenn, Twistedhalo
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Midknight Sun
Founded 28 March, 2009
Dormant as of 26 August, 2012
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Queen of Tarts was a crew on the Sage Ocean which was created on March 28th of 2009. It was originally named Fire and Rain which comes from a James Taylor song of the same name. The crew formerly flew the flag Midknight Sun and was captained by Rialenth.

This crew was not in any way affiliated with the Viridian Ocean crew of the same name.

Public Statement

Because it's just not irony unless you have two perfect extremes. Please read our extended public statement closely before asking to join.

Crew Articles

Ahoy, there! Fire and Rain be one of the fiercest kitty-cats on the whole of Sage Ocean!

Pirates should understand that they need to be mature enough to handle adult conversations when asking to join this crew. Chat-speaking, whining about your virgin ears, or otherwise annoying behavior will see ya booted out on yer bum! (Please read this as: if you aren't over the age of 18 AND able to act it, please don't ask to join!)

A Note on Membership

Not everybody is right for Fire and Rain. Therefore, prospective crew members should wait to be asked to join, not ask to join. MEMBERS WILL NEVER BE RECRUITED FROM OTHER CREWS - if you are currently in a crew and interested in switching, you will need to leave your previous crew prior to voicing any wish to join. The Captain reserves the right of final judgment and may remove any member from the crew at any time, for any reason. Crew members should be over the age of 18 or otherwise quite mature - any senior crew member finding out a crew member is otherwise will immediately remove that crew member from this crew. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you will understand if you are not chosen to join F&R.

Something to Consider

We would love to have you as a part of our crew. However, everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up a set standard of promotion requirements. We are not desperate for people, and we will take as long as is necessary to gather top quality crew members. Please don't assume that just because there are few of us, you will be accorded special privileges for your "above average" (or not so above average) stats. HARRASING A CREW MEMBER ABOUT JOINING, ESPECIALLY AT AN ELEVATED RANK, WILL MOST LIKELY CAUSE AUTOMATIC PLANKING. Please respect our Captain and officers. Thank you!

On the Issue of Planking

This crew will not declare war over planking. We assume that if you've planked a member of our crew, you had darn good reason. However, repeated planking of our crew members without approaching us with a reason will goad us into retaliatory action - please beware! Also, members of crews who /tell any officer or better of this crew with threats of war for a deserved plank will be pointed at, laughed at, and mocked on crew-chan and Vent - as well as muted/complain'ed if necessary. Crews/flags that declare war over deserved planks are poopie-headed troll goat-rear faces, and we have a habit of pointing at, laughing at, openly mocking, and sinking poopie-headed troll goat-rear faces before moving on with our lives. Please, don't be a poopie-headed troll goat-rear face. (Paid for by the Society Against War-Dec'ing for Plankings in conjunction with the Society for Education of Poopie-headed Troll Goat-rear Faces.)