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Rattus Maximus
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  • Member of the Sage Ocean
  • FO of the Titans Crew
  • Member Cocktail Party Flag Sage's Fearless Raiders Flag
  • A Crazy Greeter.

Great Things I've done

  • Joined '05 and won the Golden Brain Trinket
  • Defeated Skellies
  • Lead my own crew
  • Helped many greenies as a greeter
  • More trips to Atlantis than I'd like to admit
  • Blockades
  • Owned 2 Shops
  • Loads of blockade fun
  • Master at Carpentry DNAV and Treasure Haul


Piraticia joined PP sometime in 2005 since then she had lead a busy pirate life.

Piraticia loves helping people and so loves being a greeter despite the fact that it sometimes infuritates her :D. She speaks English, passable French and some German.Trust me this comes in useful as a greeter.

If you'd like to meet her you can as she is on most days in the Sage ocean and would be happy to be your hearty and if you like the look of her crew she would also love new people to join her.

Hope to see you soon.
xxx Piraticia xxx