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Peteypirate is an alt of Bauds, and a fleet officer in the same crew 'Scupper Me Booty' of the flag 'Rodger Me Hearty' on Cerulean Ocean.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • A fleet officer in the crew Scupper Me Booty
  • Owns two distilling stalls
  • Has achieved number one rigger (and others as Bauds)
  • Has achieved ultimate rigger, sailor, carpenter, poker player, forager, bilger and duty navigator (and others as Bauds)
  • Won a blue/tan parrot for bilging in Familiar Frenzy, 28th February 2010
  • Won an orange monkey for carpentry in a competition, 12th November 2010
  • Won a tan monkey as overall winner in McPuzzles competition, all duty puzzles event, 26th April 2011
  • Won a tan monkey as overall winner in Gunnaging competition, gunning and foraging puzzles, 6th June 2011
  • Won a tan/brown parrot as overall winner in a competion, sailing and rigging, 7th June 2011
  • Won a tan octopus in the White Knuckle rumble tournament (boxing), 27th June 2011
  • Won a pink octopus as overall winner in the 'Smuggler, Run!' competition (gunning, navigating, foraging and shipwrightery) on 26th August 2011
  • Won a blue/tan parrot for weaving in 'Spinning the Blues' competition on 22nd September 2011
  • Won a tan monkey for Carpentry in 'It's as Easy as...' on 22nd September 2011
  • Won a grey/tan parrot for Shipwrighting and Rigging in 'Played to Grey competition on 28th September 2011
  • Won an orange monkey as overall prize for duty navigation, sailing and blacksmithing in the competition 'My Precious' on 21st October 2011
  • Won a tan monkey for top sailor in a competition 20th June 2014, 2nd overall and 2nd in weaving (sailing and weaving comp)
  • Received a tan octopus as a subscription prize
  • Won a Cleaver egg for his teams' sportsmanship in the battle navigation OCL 2009
  • Won a Galene egg for a competition or something
  • Won a Hera egg in a competition, 'High and Dry' (carpentry, bilging and sailing), for highest overall incredible, 27th August 201


Peteypirate has mostly been in Scupper Me Booty. He enjoys every puzzle and every activity. He also posts frequently in the forum and is highly active, also as Bauds.