Peace Sells

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Peace Sells at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Partypoison (Left Flag & Crew -> Made new Crew) of Scarecrow
Member crew(s) No Remorse, Peace Sellers, The Punishment Due, Scarecrow
Founded 20 June, 2011
Abandoned as of 20 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Peace Sells is an abandoned flag on the Emerald Ocean. The flag was founded on 20th June, 2011 by Partypoison in the crew Scarecrow.

Public statement

Peace Sells is now dead. We thank all of the people who helped running the Flag, namely: Captainnkid, Avior, Crazydingo, and Lawyerbabe- Particular as well :P.

Former extended public statement

We follow the Fandango Protocol. For more information go to:

Welcome to Peace Sells, We are a hard-working flag that is recruiting crews that are willing to learn politics upon the Sage Ocean. We are currently undergoing planning for another cade happening before the end of September, so stay in Tune.

Ask Partypoison if you want to join the flag.

Royal Rule: We give out royal for high contributions of time within our flag. Committment is a must. Title Member Rule: Each Crew is entitled to titled members determined by their crew size. The amounts are totally negotaible! And more can be earnt later on!

Alliance Rule: We are currently seeking an alliance. If you are willing to allow us in yours, please speak to PartyPoison.

War Rule: Our flag is likely to get into a few wars as we are soon to be cade active. We will try our best to refund sunken ships, and reward sinking enemy ships.



# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 6 August 2011 Penobscot XXXIX Attacking Yes The Enlightened vs. Peace Sells, Let's Get Naked 2:3 Won island

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