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Pareia, also known as Tennveil, had been lost in the storms of the seas for a long time, losing contact with the pirates she met in her trial run of Midnight. Somehow, she managed to find her way to the Viridian Ocean after nearly two years. Getting adjusted to the new oceans took awhile, but she was pleased to find out that many things came back to her naturally. Finally settled, she joined the crew Dragon's Horde. After a month of sailing, she was in the middle of her officer training when suddenly, she became lost in another storm.

After another year of wandering the seas, Pareia finally made her way back to Viridian. She promptly joined Dragon's Horde again, and was on her quest to be the most overqualified pirate-ranked pirate on the ocean. Unfortunately, that dream was cut short when she was made officer in November. However, that dream is now replaced with her new goal of figuring out "that darn contraption know as a sloop". She didn't initially start pillaging, except with the navy, until she got her own sloop, the Plain Bream.

Known as Tennveil on the forums, she often lurks and doodles avatars. She enters the many art events featured on the forums and is one of the featured arr-tists in the Avatars for Avat-arr-tists! event.

Most of the time, she is sailing, tarting, or finishing her homework. She can also be found making visits to other oceans and invading chat circles.

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