One Step Beyond

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One Step Beyond at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Misguided Ghosts, One Step Ahead
Founded 27 May, 2010
dormant as of 20 February, 2012
Flags-One Step Beyond.jpg

One Step Beyond is a dormant flag which was founded by The Fearless Rebels on the Sage Ocean on 27nd May 2010.

Public Statement

Taking the Ocean One Step at a time! :D Our appeal

A fun flag, Now recruiting and planning to blockade! Ask any royal about joining....

Random Alliance offers will most likely end in disregard.

Blockade History

Results are given in the form (rounds won by One Step Beyond)-(rounds lost)

  • 7th August 2010:
    • Ambush Island - First Blockade, went poorly but good training. Result 0-3

Flag Records

27.05.2010. Flag founded
28.05.2010. Rumored Flag fame
29.05.2010. Noted Flag fame
30.05.2010. Established Flag fame
02.06.2010. One Step Ahead joined the flag
03.06.2010. High Velocity Monkeys joined the flag
04.06.2010. One Big Family joined the flag
04.06.2010. Millennium Madness joined the flag
06.06.2010. #37 on Sage ocean
07.06.2010. #32 on Sage ocean
08.06.2010. #29 on Sage ocean, Just Because joined the flag
09.06.2010. #24 on Sage ocean
10.06.2010. #23 on Sage ocean
11.06.2010. #21 on Sage ocean
12.06.2010. #19 on Sage ocean
13.06.2010. #15 on Sage ocean, Eminent fame
14.06.2010. #12 on Sage ocean
18.06.2010. Millennium Madness has left the flag
29.06.2010. Kiss of Death joined the flag
04.07.2010. Crush 'n' Crumble joined the flag
06.07.2010. #10 on Sage ocean
07.07.2010. #9 on Sage ocean
08.07.2010. #6 on Sage ocean, Crush 'n' Crumble has left the flag and started own
14.07.2010. #4 on Sage ocean O.o 176 mateys
17.07.2010. Pirates on horses joined the flag
18.07.2010. Illustrious Fame
18.07.2010. Pirates on Horses left the flag
18.07.2010. Alliance with Margaritaville is made
19.07.2010. One Big Family left the flag
25.07.2010. One Big Family re-joined the flag
07.08.2010. Blockade of Ambush island, lost 3:0 from Illium Eternae
08.08.2010. Kiss of Death disbanded
??.08.2010. Misguided Ghosts joined the flag
15.08.2010. Hell's Messiah joined the flag
19.08.2010. Ayo joined the flag
28.08.2010. The flag took the control over the Cryo Island
01.09.2010. Satisfaction joined the flag
??.09.2010. Lady's Marauders joined the flag
26.09.2010. #4 on Sage ocean, Illustrious fame, 275 mateys

During October 2010, former king of the flag, Ljl, neglected crew and flag so other crews started leaving. After he left own crew but not before putting his alt as a new king, The Fearless Rebels decided to leave One Step Beyond and started new flag called Spanking Alley.