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Official:Services/Event blockades on ringer islands

From YPPedia

You can schedule event blockades by request on any Ringer or Event owned island. In order to request this, you must petition at least 24 hours before your event is set to start and include a link to the forum post detailing your event. If the event blockade will overlap the normal blockade period you will need an additional 2 weeks notice.


  • Blockades will be set in the order that they are petitioned, not posted. So just because you post does not automatically save the date for your blockade.
  • Once an event is scheduled it will not be changed and no other events will be scheduled until after that event is complete. Please wait until the current event is over at an island before submitting your petition.
  • Remember that event blockades cannot be scheduled more than a month in advance.
  • Please note that official Ringer sponsored events will take precedence over any other event blockades that are planned or scheduled. We will try to ensure that Ringer events are posted and scheduled in advance to avoid conflicts.

Your event post should be made in the appropriate ocean events thread and include:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Blockade settings
    • Sinking: (Sinking/No Sinking/No Sinking No Removal)
    • Cannons Ineffective: (yes/no)
    • Ignore Alliances: (yes/no)
    • Use Maneuvers: (yes/no)
    • Rounds: (1-7)
    • Obstacles: (Normal/Sparse/Dense/Rocky/Turbulent/Windy)
    • Ship Types: (All/List of those allowed)
  • Prizes, details or anything else relevant to your event.

Ringer Islands available for event blockades

Cerulean Emerald Jade Meridian Obsidian Opal
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