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Yaarr, bein' a swashbuckler ain't good enough for ye? Well then! Get yerself a limited-edition mask at the Palace Shoppe. Only available during Halloween.

Screencap bergerac-mask.png Screeencap laurel-mask.png Screencap skull-mask.png Screencap piscean-mask.png

For the Lads

Mask male bandanda.png Masked Bandana

Mask male fish.png Piscean Captain

Mask male horns.png Horned Imp

Mask male joker.png Masquerade Clown

Mask male nose.png Chapeau de Bergerac

Mask male pumpkin.png Pumpkin Head

Mask male skull.png Skull Turban

Mask male wolf.png Wolf Wear

For the Lasses

Mask female bandana.png Masked Bandana

Mask female clown.png Pantomime

Mask female feline.png Feminine Feline

Mask female fish.png Piscean Captain

Mask female horns.png Horned Imp

Mask female laurel.png Dryad Laurel

Mask female tiara.png Masquerade Tiara

Mask female witch.png Wicked Witch

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