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Official:Halloween 2007

From YPPedia

Halloween 2007

Halloween2007 banner.png

Oh no! Skeletons and Zombies have overrun the oceans!

Skeletons and Zombies have been appearing en masse across the oceans! Clearly foul play must be at work! Pirates must team up to help drive off the undead hordes!


During the period of the competition, which will run through to Halloween, each player will contribute to the overall score of their team by fighting skeletons and zombies. Pirates have been divided into six teams. The names and scores for each team are available on the "Competition" tab on the notice board. Your team colors will appear each time you click your pirate's face.


At the end of the competition, spooky Halloween trophies will be awarded to each participant depending on how their team ranks. At the end of the competition, you can check the Noticeboard under 'Competition' to see how your team has done.

Finding Your Enemy

Wandering helpful spirits have also appeared on some islands. If ye see a ghost, talk to it, and it will tell ye where hordes of zombies and skellies are on the ocean. The rest is up to you!

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