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Bug Reporting

Missing Items

Most reports of missing pieces of eight, doubloons, and items fall into several categories - before reporting an issue with missing items, please run through this list of steps that might help you find your items.

  • If the pieces of eight were taken as the result of a wager, and the game did not start, they should be returned to you within 5 minutes.
  • If your issue concerns doubloons, please check your personal coin history - all transactions involving doubloons are logged there, so you can easily see whether your doubloons were spent.
  • Although items will not decay while they are on the rack, they do decay a small amount when you place them on the rack; if you remove them on the same day, this decay penalty is reversed.
  • Doubloons are shared between all your characters across all the oceans - if you spend doubloons with one character, they will vanish from the shared pool that all of your characters share.

If you still are unable to account for the missing goods, please file a petition. An Ocean Master will assist you, and may ask you to file a bug report if he/she is unable to resolve the issue him/herself. To do that, you can click here.

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