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Bug Reporting

Report a Bug

Before your bug report is taken, here are a few things that you should know:

  • Your bug report will not receive an individual response unless we need additional information from you. If you have screenshots or other information to accompany the report, you can e-mail them to support_tech@puzzlepirates.com. If your issue requires immediate assistance and/or a response, please file a petition.
  • Please don't resubmit bug reports asking about the status of the same issue within a short period of time.
  • Each day, we receive about 100 bug reports which must be processed and dealt with - the more useful the bug reports, the more work that can be done in terms of adding new features and fun to the game.
  • The best bug reports contain the following information:
    1. What you did to make the bug happen. If at all possible, describe the bug in a way such that I can come back in a few days and try to make it happen to me.
    2. What you expected to happen.
    3. What actually happened.
    4. A clear, concise first line summarizing the problem.
    5. Specifics on which locations, vessels, and/or pirates were affected.

Thanks very much for reporting your bug,

The Grey Havens team

[command://report_bug_from_issues Please click here to file your report.]

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