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Official:Brigand Kings

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Brigand Kings

Danger stalks the sea lanes! Brigand Kings are the most infamous dread pirates to sail the seas. Whispers of their deeds travel between every island on the ocean. Be vigilant! These Brigand Kings have put to sea with mayhem on their minds. No port or island will be safe until their threat is answered. The Navy calls for all brave sailors to pick up their arms and stand in the defense of their homeland!

Official Barnabus.jpg

Among their number:

  • Azarbad the Great
  • Admiral Finius
  • Barnabas the Pale
  • Brynhild Skullsplitter
  • Gretchen Goldfang
  • Vargas the Mad
  • The Widow Queen
  • Madam Yu Jian

Brigand Kings are special brigands. They can be found by using a Brigand King Compass from an explorer hall, or news of a Brigand King may be received after defeating a brigand or barbarian vessel in a sea battle. Each Brigand King is unique with fierce fighters on their side that will not give up easily. If one manages to defeat a Brigand King, in addition to the normal booty, ye will receive a trinket as ransom for the Brigand King's safe retreat. In order to receive the trinket ye need to be a subscriber on Subscription Oceans or have a pirate badge or above on Doubloon Oceans.

Brigand Kings are even more aggressive, building up their might and attacking players in several additional ways...

Brigand King Flotillas

Brigand Kings are always planning ways to seize control of an island. Their main means of doing so is through their Flotillas.

Brigand King Blockades

While player Flags waged war on each other and struggle to dominate the ocean, the Brigand Kings built up their fleets and prepared to seize control for themselves. They do so by their very own Brigand King Blockades.

In addition to receiving the normal trinket ransom, players who are Royalty of a flag that owns an island will be presented with an option to scuttle any Brigand King vessels that they defeat while at sea. Scuttling a Brigand King vessel will invoke the wrath of the Brigand King and the scuttling flag's island will be the target of the next Brigand King Blockade. If they would rather not tempt fate, there is also the option to let the Brigand King get away.

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